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Follow the Facebook timeline on your desktop

When I heard about Facebook Desktop for AIR I was quite excited: finally a handy Facebook desktop client to keep track of all my friends without having to be constantly visiting the Facebook website!

However I have to say I'm quite disappointed with this app. Facebook Desktop for AIR does let you check what your friends are up to, as well as update your status with whatever is on your mind, but that's pretty much all you can do with it.

You can't check your inbox, review your profile or access any area of Facebook other than the timeline. Also, all the links in the program's window open in the web browser, and that makes it quite annoying to use. Finally, you can't even minimize the program to the system tray, which means it'll take up precious taskbar space while you're running it.

To be honest, if this is the only alternative I have to using Facebook on my browser, I'll stick with the browser option.

Facebook Desktop for is a surprisingly poor Facebook desktop client that only lets you access to the timeline and doesn't include any of the Facebook goodies.


  • Easy to install and use


  • Only shows the timeline: no other Facebook services
  • All links open in the web browser
  • Can't be minimized to system tray


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